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HALO Talks

The HALO Talks podcast is hosted by Pete Moore, the Managing Partner & Founder of Integrity Square, the leading boutique investment bank in the HALO sector (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.) HALO Talks are a collection of the fitness industry’s most recognized and respected founders and key executives seeking positive change through the products and services they deliver.

The podcast focus is the vision and mission behind the business, how the guests found their purpose, lessons learned along the way, and expectations for the future.

Apr 18, 2020

"If you govern your decisions by what's in the best interest of your members, while it may more difficult in the near term, I fundamentally believe it'll benefit you in the longer term," states CEO Bill Davis. With 38 years in business, ABC Financial supports nearly 40% of all fitness clubs in the USA. Now owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, Bill discusses the role of ABC in the HALO sector, what owners should consider in the current COVID-19 climate, hints at  big changes coming to ABC in the next few months (that were initially going to be introduced at IHRSA 2020!) and much more.